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Freedom from the known


How aware are we about the nature of what you call reality? What is the material, life is made of? What is the right way of living? What are its pros and cons?

How ‘Soul Biscuits’ rebuilt me


My first book series was launched last week. It got a rousing reception on the social networks. People are buying the book. Friends are jubilant. Family is cheerful. The mini-movie we made to spread the word is getting plenty of views. And the writing of the next book in the series begins the coming Monday. Indeed, a honeymoon season.

A book from my heart


This book, or most of it, wrote by itself. There was no intention to write another book at all. I wanted to throw away everything and go to Tiruvannamalai and sit or slump down in its ‘old hall’. Or better still go and live inside Virupaksha Cave đŸ˜‰  Those who are familiar with Ramana Maharshi’s ashram (in Tamil Nadu, India), will see what I was passing through.