Bodhy™ Studios is a creative engagement agency based in Bangalore, Karnataka and Kochi, Kerala.  

We are a small team of art & peace enthusiasts who love telling stories and connecting people all around us equally and happily. Blending these roles that came natural to us, we created some revenue-generating products and services for you. 

Like writing and making feature films. Also, bringing together creators and learners under different innovative workshops. We also help doctor weak movie screenplays and plays, and assist corporate leaders in telling their stories to the world. 

For us, creativity is not an intellectual process. It’s more like channelling. We simply allow the best and the fresh from our hearts to flow. 

If you need any help in creating non-fiction books, corporate stories, doctoring books, screenplays and plays, feel free to shoot us a mail. Our Business Manager will be more than happy to guide you through our process of engagement.


Siddhartha, Fireflies Intercultural Centre, Bangalore


Founder of Fireflies Intercultural Centre, Bangalore. A veteran social activist and writer, he is the former global coordinator of INODEP International in Paris, established by world-renowned educationist Paulo Freire. Siddhartha is also the Founder-Board member and Asian Coordinator of South North Network Cultures based in Brussels. 

Shyamaprasad Rajagopal, Global & national award-winning filmmaker


Renowned Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor from Kerala. He is best known for directing artistic and meaningful films which have earned appreciation from both the critics and general viewers alike across India. As a mark of the respect for his talent and experience in the visual media Shyamaprasad had been invited to serve twice as the jury of the National Film Awards. His features for TV and cinema have won him several national and state awards. He continues to push the frontiers of television in his creative role currently serving as the President (Programming), Amrita TV.


Joshua Newton, Director – Founder

International award-winning writer, journalist, screenwriter, filmmaker. Winner of Luis Valtuena VII International Humanitarian Photography Award (Special Prize) from Spain. Two of his screenplays, Ritu and Offseason (Kerala Cafe) were made into films by the national award-winning filmmaker Shyamaprasad in India to much critical and popular acclaim (former in Malayalam and Telugu and latter in Malayalam). Josh is currently engaged in the pre-production of work of his new movie to be shot in the winter of 2020. [ More on wikipedia : Joshua Newton ]

Gopakumar Viswanathan, Chief Strategist 


A brilliant business academic, Gopu also fought it out in the sun, so to speak. Invested, lost, gained, fought, won, and then stepped back to watch and study. Many of his market management studies have appeared in journals across the world. His passion is in creating a people-centric product value-chain in targeted marketplaces. When not travelling to Amsterdam, Bangkok and other global destinations to present his studies, Gopu gets lost on his superbike on rough Indian terrains. Somedays, we get him to sit for a coffee whenever we need a strategy in place. An adept in sales and distribution management, b2b marketing, retail management, rural marketing, Gopakumar is also a member of Coimbatore Management Association, Mentor to Startups Coimbatore, and an Advisor (pro-Bono) to Emotion Motors Pvt. Ltd., a start-up in electric mobility. 

Krishna Radhakrishnan, Business Manager


She quit her plum sales job at a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation to join Bodhy. For the love of art, creativity and entertainment marketing that are close to her heart. A tireless bundle of positive energy, Krish came and spread her enthu all over this place. She looks after our business development affairs. After her graduation in technology, Krish did her masters in marketing. A creative mind with a zeal for excellence, her passions vary from digital advertising to thickly brewed black coffee and more.

[ As Bodhy swells in its inner joy, few more quirky names and bios will be coming up here 😉 ]