Two aspects of writing fascinate me: the literary and the soulful. I hope both blend in my writings in the right doses.

In my long years of journalism, words were the means to make a living. But after my ‘transcendent rebirth’ sometime in 2012, I could no longer be a salesman of words. An urge now pulsates that is as fascinated by the aesthetics of the word as a fresh communion with the inner. As a stroke of miracle, writing became a stairway to soul. Of course, my books come with price tags πŸ˜€ But that’s not the whole story.

To confess further, I’ve lost my daily obsession to make a living at all. Living flows like a silver stream in a dream. It goes on like lilies growing quietly or sparrows flitting about in joy. Writing became rather an integral way of contemplation for me. I hope to bring its fruits to you from this year. Please subscribe to my updates and keep in touch. Would love to hear from you anytime!


Soul Biscuits : Tiny Bites For Truthful Living | 2017

Amazon reviewers have been calling it a ‘life changer’ and ‘a book that feels like a hug’. I wrote ‘Soul Biscuits’ while living alone in Bangalore in 2017 in a richly contemplative mood.

This book will be a true friend to you. It will also tell some bitter things in your face. Soul Biscuits explains why bad things happen to us even when we’re good to the world. It also suggests how to clean up our self-limiting conditions of mind and how to live like a free bird and not as a chained human.

Soul Biscuits: Free Preview or Buy From Amazon

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The Book of People : Ten Life Tales From India | 2014

In 2014, I got quite inspired by the life writings of Joseph Mitchell, Rick Bragg, V S Naipaul, and Annie Dillard. The result was The Book of People. By no means I compare it with the works of those masters. But I like me more for writing it πŸ˜‰ Besides, authors in India shy off from writing creative nonfiction.

To my pleasant surprise, some nice authors read and praised the book. Timeri N Murari said the The Book of People ‘enchants’. Gurcharan Das said the book proves why ‘India is one of the world’s greatest storytelling cultures’. Akash Kapur thought the book holds the ‘story of life itself – its mystery, poetry, and tragedy.’ S Prasannarajan hailed it as an announcement of ‘the arrival of the newest talent in narrative non-fiction from the subcontinent.’

Well, don’t go for any testimonials. Read and decide for yourself. As the initial editions got sold out I transferred the publishing rights from DC Books to Bodhy. We’re now preparing a new edition for the coming winter.

The Book of People: Download A Free Preview Copy

Ritu (Feature Film | 2009)

Ritu was born back in 2009, when the national award-winning filmmaker Shayamprasad asked me to write a screenplay. He had watched Beyond, my first and only short film I made in 2005 and asked if I could write a full length movie on the ‘new generation’. This was his first movie based on an original screenplay. His previous works were adaptations of published novels or plays. It’s his only movie remade into Telugu, another Indian language.

Ritu is about three youngsters growing up together and betraying each other. The story follows the lives of three childhood friends: Sunny Immatty (Asif Ali), Sarath Varma (Nishan K. P. Nanaiah), and Varsha John (Rima Kallingal).

Indiaglitz review said that “It’s high time for Mollywood to move away from the regular potboilers and applaud films like Ritu which has its heart exactly at the right place”. I’m glad to report that their wish came true. After Ritu, Malayalam cinema was never the same πŸ™‚ Feel free to watch it here. I don’t think this is a sub-titled version though.

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