Freedom from the known

This is the place to begin. Re-education. That’s where I’d like to begin. This re-education is a journey. Some would be starting this here. Some may join us later. It’s okay.

What is this re-education? It has nothing to do with what we have been educating ourselves with. Physics, chemistry, languages, administration, commerce, art, so forth and so on. None of these delivered us. This is a simple fact. No need to be alarmed here. No need to frown here. It’s a fact simply stated.

No vocational or academic education helped us to have a right frame of mind. You educated yourselves in all these subjects. You educated your children. From Yale and Oxford and Berkeley and Moscow and IIMs and IITs and all those fancy places you hatched out. Then you hatched out your children from such and more places. And here we are! A perfectly insane society placed on the borders of vulgarity you call modernity, obsessed with an obnoxious amount of selfishness, drenched in neurotic fears, and driven everyday with an absurd fascination for self-adoration. This is what the matrix produced. This is all what a matrix of ego can produce.

Hence, the need to re-educate ourselves.

A cotton farmer will investigate the nature of the soil, the yield potential of the seeds, the availability of water etc. A boatman will examine the river routes and the availability of passengers in his village, and how risky the monsoon tides would be. We should start from the basics. No sensible man or woman would enter a venture without investigating and learning the foundations of that venture. A politician or a businessman or a stateswoman or a media person would study the nature of their respective careers before stepping in. Isn’t it so?

But strangely, sir, madam, did you learn about the foundations of life when you entered it in full swing? How aware are we about the nature of what you call reality? What is the material, life is made of? What is the right way of living? What are its pros and cons? How should one live or conduct one’s daily life? What should you expect and what should not you expect?

Let me ask you this: Did your school or college answer these fundamental questions? Are those highly-valued opinion leaders in your country teaching you anything about these? Do media help you to learn about such vital issues? Your parents? Friends?

Then why do you take this business called living for granted? How come you still believe that you know what life is all about? Any wonder it all appears a mystery to even the most intelligent scientist?

Re-education. That’s what we need. Willingness and humility are the requirements. Keep your certainties outside this door please. I don’t need them. Neither do you. We are here opening ourselves in acceptance. We are going to measure the level of our delusions first. We have to heal ourselves before we set out to heal the world. Just drop all such fancies. There’s a lot to be done on ourselves first.

Are you game?