Oh it was a ‘funtastic’ day (and night) of music, dance, soulsearch and storytelling. SoulSongs was curated by Bodhy Studios at Fireflies Intercultural Centre, Bangalore.

Singers, songwriters, artists, yoga expert, monk, dancers, hip-hop rap bands, guitarists, drummers.. You could call it a mela of happiness πŸ˜‰ They all performed as a tribute to Fireflies Bangalore, a space that warms any and every sensitive and creative heart.

Really one helluva day, guys!

We are deeply grateful to all those comrades of heart who turned up. Some drove in from Coimbatore. One rode all the way solo from Kozhikode. Kannada, Telugu, Mallu, Tamil mates gathered to rock the day. And the night, well almost none slept πŸ˜πŸ’•

Arya, Shiuli, Sachi, and Mica the young performers launched the day with their songs and dance and percussions.

A melange of art forms

After a sumptuous lunch, anchored by an unstoppably gust of energy we also call Reba πŸ˜€ the second session took off. Pooja Sabarinath unleashed her Kathak repertoire, astonishing the audience. Vijay Sharma taught us on how be creative with bare hands. Niyati Sharma shared her children’s books writing experiences.

Pooja Sabarinath

Suraj Mani, one of the head honchos of rock scene in the south sang his solo numbers he wrote with Hawaiian guitar to accompany. Crowd loved his ‘Maveli’ (a link to the song below) that the audience kept cheering and giving him a chorus he asked for.

Nishara mesmerised us with her YogaFlow, a choreographed staging of 30 asanas accompanied by a mellifluous handpan live music by Mahin Kapur aka Dilemmo. Pramod Shenoy sang his own songs supported by his own guitar notes. Akshay Gandhi presented his ‘Kawad Katha’ in Hindi. Michael did some rock and fusion. Sulekha Nambiar along with her music partner Santhosh pepped up the evening as the sun went down. Vazeer, and Rajat presented rock, film songs, and hip-hop.

Glitch / Street

In a grand finale, Glitch Collective & Street Academics (Abhimanue, Vivek and Ramya) simply rocked the venue with their experimental hip-hop. Remember this is the band that was send out of stage in another show in Bangalore by some local hooligans demanding them not to sing in Malayalam. The whole crowd took off the chairs, banging heads and shaking hips to their foot stomping scores.

Street Academics : Pambaram Song [ Click on Play Button above ]

Watch this space for more exciting events from Bodhy StudiosπŸ˜πŸ’•