Watch carefully: Our planet is taking us from ‘head to heart’.

This movement began sometime around 2012, according to trusted wisdom sources. We are being collectively taught the art of retreat. We are temporarily now moved from outer to the inner. As a mass, homo sapiens were too caught up in the outer world. Now, a wave of nature pushes us back again into the interior of our selves. We are taught the meaninglessness of all our endeavours.

We are getting knocks on our heads to make us realise that big salaried careers are not the answer. That fame is not the answer. That pleasure is not the answer. That politics is not the answer. Churches or temples or mosques are not the answer. Our collective idea of gods is not the answer. Our body is not the answer. We learn to love without kissing, without hugging, without even seeing each other. We shut factories, we stopped loitering malls, we are deprived of all indulgences. This is a great lesson for mankind. And the lesson teaches us to look at all our fancies as mere delusions of mind.

Whatever we believed we couldn’t live without, are now being temporarily deprived, to show us none of those is the real source of happiness. We are forced to make a U-turn to the insides. This is a metaphor. This is a great teaching unfolding. This is a brilliant game of maya of showing how mayic it all is.

When we start all over again in a few months, may we remember the key lesson from this whole drama: Man is nothing by himself/herself when we rely on the outer us. It is not our social or material progress that becomes our ally. Our true ally is our eternal values of heart – peace, love, unity. Our true home is ‘inside’.

We shall overcome this, of course. But mark the lesson deep in your mind. If not, more storms shall be coming for us till we learn.