There are many ways to redemption. Not all are peaceful. 

S O L O M O N   K A N E

It is hard, this way.

To not to live by peace alone. For it robs us of our humanity. Well, haven’t humans been inhuman to themselves for tens of thousands of years?

What still keeps us going, I always wonder. Why we raise our kind, educate the little, make the lesser ones greater and then destroy everything that once we raised, for the glory of our ideas.

These are strange times as well. And strangeness of this world can devour our original innocence. We move through our dreams of wounds, delivering many among us into the hands of utter fear.

Such fear makes us blind. And thus we split ourselves into the darkest of the forces and the light-filled ones. Then we battle, till one perishes.

All these battles, aren’t they taking place within ourselves?

Aren’t all our battles with ourselves?

[ ..Watching Solomon Kane again after long…]